26 Jan 2012

Viewing Room - L.I.E exhibition at Plymouth College of Art


Viewing Room

Mon 6 Feb – Fri 24 Feb

The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art
Tavistock Place, Plymouth Devon, PL4 8AT, UK

‘Viewing Room’ aims to explore and discuss the role of the book within contemporary creative practices. Through utilizing examples from The Library of Independent Exchange the curators will construct within the gallery a system of categorisation denoting key forms of artist publication.

The exhibition will show printed matter from The Library of Independent Exchange, organised into categories, examining ideas of construction, market value and format. Also included is a new section of works exploring poetry and performance writing. The curators of ‘Viewing Room’ have also invited selected publishers and artists to contribute lists of their ‘favourite’ books from their own personal collections, exploring the idea of what is held in a collection and its influence on the creative output of their keepers.

Featuring special contributions from: Ed Ruscha (USA), New Jerseyy (CH), Hans Ulrich Obrist (UK), Jem Southam (UK), Jeff Eaton (USA), Benjamin Sommerhalder (CH), Lionel Bovier (CH), Marco Kane Braunschweiler (USA), Layla Tweedie-Cullen (NZ), Alec Finlay (UK).

Literary contributions from: Friary Road House (UK), Crater Press  (UK), Mark Leahy (UK), A Circular (UK), Tony Lopez (UK), Gagarin (BE), Holly Pester (UK), Hot Gun Journal (USA), halfcircle (UK). A short film by An Endless Supply (UK) will be on loop in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Opening reception
Weds 8 Feb, 5 – 7.30pm
The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art

Join the directors of The Library of Independent Exchange for the opening of their new exhibition, including the unveiling of a brand new ‘wing’ of the library focused on independent poetry publications.

Viewing Room is curated by
Christopher Green & Mark James


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