14 Apr 2012

L.I.E at Arnolfini's Reading Room

Now - 31st May 2012

The Reading Room
Arnolfini, Bristol UK

The Library of Independent Exchange (L.I.E) has designed a unit for Arnolfini’s Reading Room to facilitate the reading of selected books from their collection. Typically the concept of a reading room or library holds at its core the idea that the act of perusing a book is a solitary activity. Through using the lectern however, an ordinarily solitary act becomes a shared experience - it enables time to discuss and share which is a core aim of The Library of Independent Exchange. The lectern is double-sided to enable two people to view the same book at the same time, thus prompting exchange.

L.I.E has selected six books from its permanent collection, a different book for each day that the Reading Room is open, Tues-Sun. Each book is made available on the lectern once a week, encouraging visitors to return to the Reading Room on different days. Also in the Reading Room are a selection of articles from the L.I.E’s permanent collection, including journals, artist books, and monographs.

Books on the L.I.E Lectern:

Tues: Loyal and His Band, Loyal Gallerie, Sweden
Weds: Chanting Down Babylon, Argo Books, Germany
Thurs: Hot Gun Journal Issue #2, Hot Gun, USA
Fri: Sara & Gerald, P & Co, USA
Sat: OMP 51, White Smoke, Onomatopee, The Netherlands
Sun: Gagarin Vol 11 #1 May 2010, Gagarin, Belgium

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