11 Jan 2013

L.I.E at The NewBridge Project in Newcastle

We're pleased to announce that L.I.E will be at The Newbridge Project in Newcastle from 2nd to 15th February 2013.

On show will be 'L.I.E Outpost Crate No.1' featuring a selection of titles from L.I.E's permanent collection, 3 Script works, as well as twenty '10 Favourite Books' lists, with contributions from Ed Ruscha, Katrina Brown, New Jerseyy, Olivia Plender, Charlotte Cheetham, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jem Southam, Jeff Eaton, Benjamin Sommerhalder, Lionel Bovier, James Jenkin, OMMU, Marco Kane Braunschweiler, Layla Tweedie-Cullen, Jeremy Millar, Alec Finlay, Fraser Muggeridge, Torpedo Press, An Endless Supply, Axel Wieder.

Opening night: Friday 1st February 2013, 6 pm onwards.

L.I.E directors Mark James and Christopher Green will be giving a talk about L.I.E in the gallery on Saturday 2nd February from 5 - 6 pm, all welcome!

2nd - 15th February 2013
12 noon - 6 pm Monday to Friday (and Saturday 2nd February)

The NewBridge Project
18 New Bridge Street West
Newcastle, NE1 8AW, UK


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