8 Jun 2013

L.I.E Outpost at PAC Home

L.I.E Outpost at PAC Home
Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth UK

Until Autumn 2013

L.I.E Outpost is an evolving project where the permanent collection held by L.I.E is divided into 4 crates and ‘toured’, creating an outpost for the library to evolve and interact; in keeping with L.I.E’s aims of dissemination, experimentation and exploring how a resource functions and how it can be utilised.

The four L.I.E Outpost crates contain components for installation, within each a different curated selection of books from the L.I.E collection, as well as shelving and fixings to suit a variety of display modes. This allows for the library to be rebuilt at each host venue and to react and respond to the individuality of each site.

One crate will be installed at a time, with all crates making an appearance during the term of L.I.E’s residency at PAC Home. Over the course of our 6 month tenure, the books on show will be changed on a bi-monthly basis encouraging visitors to make repeat visits to PAC Home.

More information here: www.plymouthartscentre.org  

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